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1000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System

China Guangzhou Chunke Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou Chunke Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. certification
Hi Jessie, The 5T/H RO water plant was running well ! Perfect quality and excellent service ! Thank you so much Hunter ! I will place more order in near future surely !

—— Reid from Australia

We have been doing business with Chunke company for many years with high performance-cost and friendly service , such a honest factory, product are good !

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Hello cara,I received the water Filter last week.It look SUPER !!! Thanks !!! Thank you my friend !!!

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It's many times buy from here. And always giving professional suggestions, help me a lot in business! Thanks!

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Good price , good quality and fast delivering .

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The brackish water machine is very suitable for my project and I have purchased it for the second time.

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1000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System

1000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System
1000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System 1000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System 1000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System 1000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System

Large Image :  1000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: CHUNKE
Certification: CE,ISO
Model Number: CK-RO
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: wooden box package
Delivery Time: 30 days
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 20 units per month
Detailed Product Description
Item: 1000L Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Machine For Domestic Water Raw Water: Tap Water, Underground Water, Normal Water
Usage: Drinking Irrigation Chemical Medicine Output: 1000L Per Hour
Material: SS304 Raw Water: Underground , Tap Water , River Water And So On .
Certificate: CE, SGS Brand: CHUNKE
High Light:

1000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine


SS304 Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine


CHUNKE RO Water Treatment Plant

1000L Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Machine For Domestic Water
The original water tank
1) Role: Overcome the instability of water supply network, and ensure the stable and continuous water supply of the whole system;
At the same time, it also provides a guarantee for the long-term reliable performance of each equipment.
2) Selection: PE or stainless steel water tank.
3) Control: The water tank is equipped with a high-water float valve and a low-water level switch.
It has the advantages of high reliability, low price, simple structure, easy installation and so on.
When the water level is high, the float valve closes and stops filling.
When the water level is low, the high water float valve opens and begins to fill the tank.
At the same time, the low water level switch is disconnected and the booster pump stops working.
2. Raw water pump
1) Role: Provide necessary working pressure for pretreatment equipment.
2) Selection: The working pressure of booster pump shall be determined according to the design pressure drop of each pretreatment
equipment (the maximum pressure drop of each filter equipment is 0.05mpa) and the front pressure of high-pressure pump shall not be less
than 0.5kg /cm2.
3) Control: after the pump, adjust the pressure and water intake with a regulating valve.
3. Mechanical filter (quartz sand filter)
1) Function: The raw water first passes through a mechanical filter, in which 12-24 purposes of fine quartz sand is placed, so that suspended
impurities such as flocculant and rust in the raw water are trapped in this process.
In order to ensure the normal operation of the filter, the filter must be washed and backwashed regularly.
2) Selection: FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) containers are selected.
3) Control: Manual controller is adopted for the backwashing operation of the mechanical filter. The filter should be cleaned once a day, and
the cleaning time is 10-20 minutes.
4. Activated carbon filter
1) Function: This process USES activated carbon filter as the pretreatment of reverse osmosis unit, which is very important.
Reverse osmosis system requires inlet water index SDI≤5, residual chlorine & LT;
0.1 mg/L.
In order to meet the inlet water requirement, the raw water should be further purified to achieve the inlet water index of reverse osmosis.
A carbon filter is set in front of the reverse osmosis unit, which has two main functions:
1. Adsorb part of organic matter in water, with an adsorption rate of about 60%
2. Adsorb residual chlorine in water.
Inorganic colloid, organic colloid and soluble organic polymer impurities with the size of 10-20 angstrom and residual chlorine are difficult to
remove in sand filter.
Activated carbon was used to adsorbed granularity about dozens of Mr Actives, is due to its structure exist a large number of average pore
diameter in 20 to 50 angstrom micro holes and cracks, the structure characteristics of activated carbon, make its surface adsorption area can
reach 500-2000 m2 / g, as a result of the general organic molecular diameter is slightly less than 20 to 50, so the adsorption effect of
activated carbon has a strong presence of organic matter.
In addition, activated carbon has a strong dechlorination ability. Due to the strong oxidation of residual chlorine, residual chlorine reacts with
carbon to produce carbon dioxide and chloride ions, so only a small amount of carbon is lost. Therefore, activated carbon can be used for
dechlorination for a long time.
Activated carbon not only has the above functions, but also can remove the peculiar smell and pigment in water and improve the clarity of
water. After activated carbon is used for a period of time, its adsorption capacity decreases and it needs to be regenerated or replaced.
Therefore, after the raw water passes through the carbon filter, it can greatly improve the water quality and reduce the pollution to the reverse
osmosis membrane. The treated water quality can meet the inlet water quality requirements of the reverse osmosis device (residual chlorine & LT;
0.1 mg/L).
2) Selection: Glass fiber reinforced plastic container with an expansion rate of 40%.
3) Control: The activated carbon filter is controlled by manual controller. Since the activated carbon filter absorbs a large amount of
suspended impurities in its work, washing and backwashing must be carried out every day to ensure the normal operation of the system, and
the washing process takes 15-30 minutes.
5. Automatic water softener or dosing device
1) Action: The process of removing hardness (Ca2+, Mg2+) from water is called softening.
This device fills 001×7 strong acid Na ion exchange resin and replaces calcium and magnesium ions in the raw water with sodium ions to
make the residual hardness in the raw water lower than 0.03mmol/L.
The purpose of softening is to prevent scale formation on the surface of reverse osmosis membrane so as to prolong the service life and
treatment efficiency of reverse osmosis membrane.
2) Selection: The water softener is a glass fiber reinforced plastic container.
3) Control: The control system adopts the American automatic control valve type.
According to the set time/flow rate, the control valve head can automatically regenerate resin to complete the salt absorption, backwash, flush,
water injection process.
The water softener is equipped with a regeneration tank. The salt amount and water amount in the tank should be checked daily, and the salt
should be replenished timely (iodized salt and other salt with additives are prohibited).
6. Precision filter
1) Function: Precision filter is also called security filter.
It is a treatment process before raw water enters the reverse osmosis membrane device.
PP filter element has the characteristics of large filtration flow, large pollution load, small pressure loss, can intercept impurities of different
particle sizes, set surface filtration and deep filtration in one.
After a certain period of use of precision filter, there is also blockage phenomenon. Therefore, after a certain period of use, the PP molten
injection filter element must be replaced. The basis for replacement: the pressure difference before and after precision filter should be
changed at 0.05-0.1mpa.
2) Selection: Stainless steel containers are selected.
7, high pressure pump
1) Function: The high pressure pump is the working pressure of water production flow and water quality required for the reverse osmosis
After the filter water through the pump body to reach about 10 kilograms of pressure, to meet the inlet pressure of the membrane body, to
ensure the water output of pure water.
2) Type selection: Grantford vertical multistage high pressure pump is adopted according to the working pressure required by reverse
osmosis membrane.
3) Control: When the indicator of the raw water pressure gauge reaches 2KG, press the water producing switch and the high-pressure pump
starts to produce water.
In front of the high-pressure pump, there is a pressure protection switch. When the inlet pressure is less than 1KG, the pressure protection
switch will close and the high-pressure pump will stop working.
8. Reverse osmosis pure water equipment (pure water equipment)
1) Function: Reverse osmosis unit is the main part of purified water production line.
This device adopts the energy saving composite membrane ESPA type reverse osmosis membrane component produced by Heiden Electric
Group of Japan.
ESPA series is a desalination film of brackish water with high desalination rate.
High water flux can be obtained under low operating pressure with an average desalination rate of 99.5%.
Due to the advantages mentioned above, ESPA membrane provides more space for the selection of water pump, pressure vessel, pipeline,
valve and other supporting equipment.
And the use of less power motor can meet the needs of the work.
At the same time, ESPA film features high water flux and high desalination rate, which greatly reduces the equipment manufacturing cost and
system equipment investment cost, and can save a lot of energy, reduce the operating cost of the system, and improve water quality.
Model Selection: Hyde Energy ESPAI-4040/8040.
The reverse osmosis unit is designed to produce water at 25℃, and the water utilization rate is 70%.
9. Water tank (original water tank)
Role: Reserve reverse osmosis product water and provide stable water supply for the next level system.
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1000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System 01000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System 11000L Reverse Osmosis Purifier Machine For Domestic Water RO Water System 2

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